Flood Streets

Flood Streets starring Becky Stark and Harry Shearer

dramatic comedy feature
Executive Producers Harry Shearer, Glen Pitre, Michelle Benoit

The Hatchery Media’s award-winning feature film follows a group of creative malcontents searching for love, money and marijuana in the surreal streets of post-flood New Orleans. Now available on DVDon Amazon, on Google Play, and on Distrify.

Flood Streets press kit

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Least Favorite Love Songs

comedy series

Molly is a sex-starved, struggling writer living in New Orleans. When she visits her dealer for advice, he unknowingly sets off a series of strange events that lead Molly and her indie rocker boyfriend on a string of sexual misadventures through New Orleans.

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In the Land of What Now

In the Land of What Now cover
collection of short stories by Helen Krieger

The inspiration behind the movie Flood Streets, these ten, darkly humorous stories stop in neighborhoods throughout New Orleans, and visit characters as determined as they are misguided, stumbling onward even as the ground crumbles under them.

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The Garret Theater

Levy Easterly in Beauty by Steven Patterson. Photo by Craig Morse.The Garret is an intimate performance space suited to small, experimental works, staged readings and workshops.



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In Development

New City

dramatic feature/ series

In an impoverished inner-city neighborhood, a group of mostly white punk activists try to turn an old warehouse into a model for a more just, sustainable, and egalitarian society, but it proves harder than they thought to reconcile internal divisions, overcome cliques and ego battles, and bridge differences with their neighbors.


Home Wreckers
comedy feature

Two couples have an awkward first meeting in a hot tub, where they discover they have something in common – worthless homes they can’t get rid of. When one of them suggests a Hitchcock-inspired scheme to destroy each others homes and cash in on their insurance, it’s more than just their homes that might get destroyed.

documentary feature

Now in our eighth year of filming, we interview nine kids from rural Wisconsin to see how their answers and their personalities change over the years.